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"Tis but thy name that is my enemy;

Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.


O, be some other name!

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other word would smell as sweet."

Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

This quote encapsulates the central turmoil in the romantic tragedy. Juliet is falling in love with Romeo, but their familes are warring. These  lines are often taken as an affirmation that names do not matter. But we see things differently. The name "Romeo" evokes feelings of love while the name "Montague" evokes feelings of hate in Juliet. Her conflict is that she is falling in love with "Romeo Montague". Her resolution is literally to tell him to dump his last name. He agrees. "Juliet Capulet" does not fall in love with "Romeo Montague". "Juliet" falls in love with "Romeo". 

The moral of this story is that names matter. They have always mattered. Names are the first impression and they leave a lasting impression.  Names are powerful as they evoke indelible feelings that others connect to our identity. 


We toiled for weeks generating business name ideas for our brand. Every name seemed to have the matching .com domain name taken. Even when we  found names that were available, either the corresponding social media handles were taken or there were trademark issues. And even after we resolved these issues we were still not satisfied with our shortlist. The names didn't say enough about who we are and who we aspire to be.

Our realization was that we needed a name to evoke the essence of a company that excels in providing trade name and domain name brand development and evaluation services. That's the story of how "Dot Evoke" was launched. 

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Most businesses struggle with naming their company, products and services. Many settle for weaker names or inferior domain extensions and later regret it when their customers cannot find or remember them. Naming is a critical, arduous and time-sapping task. Few people are good namers. The skill sets needed to name a business and to create a successful business are very different.

We are experts in premium domain names and trade names. These are short, memorable names that are easy to pronounce, spell and brand. Premium domains often have a .com extension, which is naturally what an internet user types into the browser by habit. As a result, they can also have qualified direct navigation traffic, in addition to the brandable aspect mentioned earlier. In summary, premium domain names reduce your marketing and advertising costs by making it much easier for your customers to find, remember and keep coming back to you.  

Every day we obsess about the art and science of naming. Our leading edge computer algorithms evaluate tens of thousands of trade names each day in the domain aftermarket. The algorithms assess the names against a proprietary set of "premium name characteristics" and produce a shortlist of the highest quality ones. Our team also carefully crafts novel premium names and registers the matching domain name. Prior to acquisition, all of our names go through a rigorous human review process. We can help you find the right name. 


We believe that the best names entice. They are crafted to make customers curious to find out more. They are designed to elicit an emotional response from employees and customers alike. The best names evoke your brand™ by unveiling a little about who you are, what you do and how you do it. We are here to help you find a name like this.

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The internet is a crowded space that gets more crowded every day. How do you stand out in such a competitive and saturated market? That's why premium names matter more now than ever beforeSearch our name gallery and find the enticing premium name that makes it easy your customers to find, remember and keep doing business with you.